Traffic Woes in India

It is not doubt an embarrassing situation when a visitor from abroad is dangerously exposed to chaotic traffic in India. Just as he exits any of the country’s airports it takes him no time to be merged  and jammed into it. Heavy traffic is one issue, but the chaotic traffic is a completely different kettle of fish. Many of us who haven’t been abroad simply fail to acknowledge the predicament. For them there is nothing wrong with our traffic, its only in our nature to have the Chalta Hai attitude.  The worst of all is the movement in opposite direction on one-way roads, unchecked by anyone.


The second worst contributor to the precarious traffic system in India is the attitude of drivers and pedestrians. A few decades back when the luxury mode of local travel was bicycle, it was customary for the pedestrians to wait and allow the cyclist to pass first, even though the road might have been empty. This happened as a rule, irrespective of whether cyclist was a laborer and the pedestrian a rich man or someone in power. Today, a pedestrian can hold the fast moving mass of vehicular traffic by an inconspicuous signal of his hand. He then crosses a road sometime at the peril of an accident involving multiple vehicles. Internationally this might works in civilized countries, but here it brings the already congested traffic to a grinding halt.

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  1. Monika Bhardwaj

    Sorry, I did not get what you mean to say “women drivers are out to prove that women’s lib is in vogue in the country.”

    Did you mean that men drivers are expert and women violates traffic Rules? Women don’t need to prove anything. Correct yourself. Writing anything of this sort need in-depth thinking, which unfortunately you did not do.

    1. admin (Post author)

      I didn’t know that you disagree with women’s lib in vogue. The way they abuse and fight on the roads, the liberation is here to stay, and I don’t object or deny it. My comment is based on what I have seen or read all over the world, in Hollywood movies, in television serials, and what have you … and though the statistics have not been generated but it can be done by an ngo.

      I don’t need to do any research on this, but you are welcome to do it then decide it for yourself … I will be glad if you could give statistics … And convince us.

      Thank you for your comment I appreciate it

  2. admin (Post author)

    Where are you now a days

  3. tpsoberoi

    most of what u have written here is true and i share the sentiments
    While driving an with an Australian client to lunch he would have his camera out to take pics/videos on how we managed these terrific (not traffic) situations.
    the article seem heavily biased against the traffic users though you have highlighted the issues for the traffic planners also
    some questions a traffic user seeks answers to are
    – where is the parking space in walking distance
    – is it in proportion to the business/residence activity planned in that area
    – where is the planned shopping space
    – is it justified in space/size/parking etc.
    – where is my walk way
    – where is my zebra crossing
    – where are my clear driveable lanes that can allow me smooth lane driving
    – where are the taxi/auto stands (are they enough in no. & size)
    stations/airports/expressways/toll roads/malls where infra has been managed are able to beat the traffic behaviors of other places

    until we get the infra my advice is to use driving intuition to survive the Indian roads

    Tejinder Oberoi

    1. admin (Post author)

      Sir, the full chapter will include what you have recommended .. Thank you

  4. admin (Post author)

    Today I realised that I must do something more than writing books

  5. Nimu Shenoy

    I also have pasionate feelings about traffic, driving and parking. Personally, some of the anger and road rage are not due to being in a particular area of the world — these issues are certainly Universal. It is the human mind and attitude that monitors the soundness on our roads and the conveniences that we have. When people show courtesy and knowledge of traffic flow, it seems that all is well. However, there are times that there are accidents on the road. Why does everyone not mind their own business and follow-through? No, they must halt and observe everything. This is a major cause of delay during rush hour/work time. I feel that people forget that the primary reason we are on the road is to reach our destination. Thank you Mike for showing that you care and also understand!


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