Monthly Archive: March 2013

Financial Bailouts another name for Corporate-Political mafia

This is something, which they do not teach you at Harvard or London School of Economics. It is financial imperialism of another kind. How the big wigs of economics and politics perform tricks that erode a country’s economy and how…
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The innovative imperialisms – one cannot evade

Financial Imperialism [1] Imperialism has been a popular word in politics. Three new versions of this word were defined and elaborated in my book A Wonderful World – one was ‘Population Imperialism‘ and the other was ‘Financial Imperialism‘, ‘Cultural Imperialism‘ is another….
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On line Education – here is a technology that can help

The world is moving on and we too. India introduced information technology (IT – computers and internet) in governance and is now pressing the throttle on it. Computer technology is already a mission critical enabler in the corporate sector. Now…
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Education policy – why should we tolerate chaos in it

The Chaos Policy is a statement by the regulatory body or the government. It can only be used beneficially if It is implementable smoothly and devoid of the frequent need to revise. Alas, these are being done on an adhoc…
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Rich and the poor – what separates them

Citizens are tagged as rich or poor with reference to the shared socio economic conditions in the society. Three classes are prevalent namely upper, middle and lower class. That, in India we spread them into seven classes namely billionaires, high,…
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Polarization in societies – Who causes it

What can we do to overcome the polarization infused into us by our politicians. Just ignore the differences they show us …. Team Spirit and Coordinated decision-making If one is asked to put a finger on the most critical challenge…
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