Nothing is more important than Sustenance

If we cease to exist as individuals or groups or countries, does it matter then, who was the great inventor of products or runner of the political regime? Probably it does, but for the historians alone. If we rise above the controversies, greed, ego and desires we will fail to distinguish between the people of one country, community or religion from the other. Country and customs borders will evaporate and we will see a universal level play field. And we will see a universal humanity, minus the race discrimination or religious brawls.

Is this the situation that you want to arrive at, or you have personal plans and agenda? If you discard your personal motives you will emerge as the seeker of livability and sustainability of yourself and the universe. Otherwise you will hasten the degradation of the planet, in ways more than one. We can certainly not stop the design of the nature taking shape, as the earth cools down to the ice age, but as long as we live as individuals we should not hasten this process.

What is relevant and important is only the span of 100 odd years that we live. But this has tentacles of survivability of the poor and ultra poor. This requires maintaining the sources of natural fresh water and suitable breeze. Energy needs can wait in the wings. Simplify your lives. Being natural is the crux. Eat, drink and breathe normally. Lubricate your limbs and organs by internal exercises, and adore your thoughts by keeping them cool, free from controversies or conflicts. Discard those thoughts that waste your time, like nostalgia, future plans for risk covering, or even thinking about how to live life. Just live as it comes your way. No need to keep track of time; you know it does not stop anyway.

Just ensure that you have sufficient means to have three square meals, and a roof above your head …

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