Adulteration – The mess we are in

Contamination, adulteration and pollution are three legs of the spider that spins cobwebs of our helplessness towards health and survival. Can we deal with them?

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Recently someone questioned me about the relative priority I give to cleanliness of air, water and food. “Naturally,” I said, “breathing seems critical since it supports our very existence.”

Lack of it is painful as well. Yet it is ironic that water and food stay on top of our priorities. Smilingly he agreed but added,”You need air five times more than fluids and ten times more than food. That we focus more on water and food is because their impact is quick and noticeable.”

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  1. sughoshbansal

    When I was in USA, some one informed US FDA that there was cyanide in some Grapes imported by USA from Chile. Immediately the entire country went in tizzy. It was impossible to detect which box of Grapes had this poison. Still there was an advisory all over the country so that Customers could return all Grapes purchased during a pre-determined time. Finally the Administration just destroyed 4000 Tonnes of Grapes by dumping them in sea. In another incidence, on the Thanks Giving Day, one of the suppliers of Turkey found that the refrigeration of one delivery truck went faulty. But they could not actually decipher which stores received Turkey from this truck. To be on safer side, the Chain of the Retailer asked all the customers to return Turkey purchased from their stores during particular hours and get free replacement.

    Well these were the standards of Food Adulteration or spoilage in USA more than 20 years back. Their safety factor was too high. In India, we do not have any safety factor at all. Probably more because we do not have much organised Retail Sales. Our attitude about adulteration is pitiable. And what you have talked about pollution in air, we are best in making speeches only with no concern what we can do ourselves. We need to start a revolution to invoke social responsibility in addition to force the Government for stronger laws and its implementations.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Certainly we must

    2. Jaylin

      Good morning. One of the things that gives me pause is the ability to respond to commentson my blog. Please inform me as to what information interests you and more detail as to whatyou are responding to what I say. It will help me to reply to you and your friend pr.rlpeyoMore detail please. Thanks.Ron

      1. admin (Post author)

        OK will do so


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