Monthly Archive: March 2018

Are we concerned about monetary frauds

What makes frauds so avoidable   Monetary frauds are global; I mean they take place in all countries. The volume or bulk though is different depending on how serious the regulations in every country are. From a citizen’s viewpoint, frauds…
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Adulteration – the mess we are in

Contamination, adulteration and pollution are three legs of the spider that spins cobwebs of our helplessness towards health and survival. Can we deal with them? Recently someone questioned me about the relative priority I give to cleanliness of air, water…
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Traffic situation that you can’t be proud

It is not doubt an embarrassing situation when a visitor from abroad is dangerously exposed to chaotic traffic in India. Just as he exits any of the country’s airports it takes him no time to be merged  and jammed into…
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Arvind Kejriwal – A phenomenon

Mr Arvind Kejriwal (AK), the new CM of Delhi, do you have the time to read an open letter? Wow You took Delhi by storm. You presented to the people a facade of direct participation and named your party as…
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Arvind Kejriwal – An Open Letter

Dear Arvind Ji The social media is overflowing with the advice that you must quickly execute your election promises, and show concrete results. Unlike the others, I do not feel that you are ignoring those commitments. While pressures may come…
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