Self Publishing – The new fad and fantasy

Let’s talk about self publishing, a recently fashioned technique for publishing and for making yourself known. Like the others, I too tried this stunt and wrote three different books. I’ve been through Vanity publishing, Traditional publishing and Self publishing. So…
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Recommended Categories and Tags for Blogs

Categories and Tags Are the most important attributes of your blog or posts. They impart search capabilities. Be careful and be specific for categories but for tags you can include on the fly. Blogs             …
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Social Networks – Do you know enough about them

Social Networks – a Boon or a Bane In the early days of 2nd generation at IIT Bombay, we were constrained due to the unavailability of giga and terabytes of disk storage, screen monitors, mouse and fingertip inputs that today…
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Build country borders that you can walk across

An example of countries maintaining just a thread of borders in Europe, Original Blog by Gud Sol Can countries live in peace

Software trends you cannot afford to miss

Sites that you cannot miss   People who want to join the current IT space must know at least one of them

Language – What can be a global language of the world

Oh ! the languages … While it acts as a great consolidator of people and races, as it did in the medieval India in the times of the British, it could turn out to be a very pitiful dis-integrator of the society…
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