Today’s Media – Whom to trust

Be a critique of what you watch or read in media or social media, or find another moderator to help you Wow the Indian Media I have been watching the Indian media for quite sometime since I returned from abroad….
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Build country borders that you can walk across

An example of countries maintaining just a thread of borders in Europe, Original Blog by Gud Sol Can countries live in peace

Nothing is more important than Sustenance

If we cease to exist as individuals or groups or countries, does it matter then, who was the great inventor of products or runner of the political regime? Probably it does, but for the historians alone. If we rise above…
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The Election Tsunami

Tsunami of  a different kind Whatever might have been the criteria for choosing a candidate in the recently held elections, one cannot disregard the impact  the diversionary speeches of the leaders made on the electorate. The congress led government had…
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Open Letter 2 to Arvind Kejriwal – To Do List

Dear Arvind Ji The social media is overflowing with the advice that you must quickly execute your election promises, and show concrete results. Unlike the others, I do not feel that you are ignoring those commitments. While pressures may come…
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Politicians are the same everywhere

READ, WEEP, PRINT AND KEEP! This should be on the front page of every newspaper. Charley Reese’s final column for the Orlando Sentinel… He has been a journalist for 49 years. He is retiring and this is HIS LAST COLUMN….
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Governance – A challenge or a commitment

In spite of the many definitions of governance, probably the best is ‘a framework of people processes and rules that enable and foster manifestation of political intentions’. The word political intention is important here, and it speaks not much about citizens’…
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2 new terms that govern the current politics

While political ideologies of the past had some sobriety associated with them, today’s world is aggressive and selfish. It needs renewed doctrines. The crux of today’s interest is sustenance of power, empires, regime and dynasties. Whatever doctrine helps in this…
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Financial Bailouts another name for Corporate-Political mafia

This is something, which they do not teach you at Harvard or London School of Economics. It is financial imperialism of another kind. How the big wigs of economics and politics perform tricks that erode a country’s economy and how…
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