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Budget – Why not once in 2 Years

February is ­important month one in our lives because not only it is the onset of the spring but also the month when government unfolds plans for its earnings and expenditures for the forthcoming year. To some it brings joy,…
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Religious history – can we call it authentic history

The foremost uncertainty about religions is whether someone said,  or was supposed to have said, was real. Whatever was said, was it recording on paper, and if recorded on paper did someone had a chance or inclination or temptation to…
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Castes – will these continue forever

Deep rooted implications Indians have continued with the traditional caste system. They live and breathe with it in their daily lives. But the question is whether castes will continue or somebody will find arguments against them. Ask the politicians and…
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Traffic Woes in India

It is not doubt an embarrassing situation when a visitor from abroad is dangerously exposed to chaotic traffic in India. Just as he exits any of the country’s airports it takes him no time to be merged  and jammed into…
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The Nuclear Power

If nuclear fission can be sustained under control, enough heat can be generated. But such kind of heat generation also necessitates protection against damages. Fission is activated by bombarding a fission neutron on nuclear fuels Uranium 235 and Plutonium 239….
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Proposed Division of UP

80 percent revenue is generated in Western UP and paradoxically spent in Eastern UP. Bundelkhand can become very rich very soon. Is this a move to divert attention from under developed Eastern UP, and steer towards New Delhi. Eastern UP,…
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