A Wonderful World

My Book

My Book

A Wonderful World

Dreams and Reality

Wide Canvas 2014 – 325 Pages, Vikas Publishers NOIDA, India

In the late 1960s, Louis Armstrong raised the American and British  spirits by his immortal song “What a Wonderful World”. It was a wonderful world then. Galloping and trotting, the world advanced to prosperity, but it also ran into scarcity. Who or what is placing hurdles in our way, and how these are to be overcome are the questions that we explore in this book.

There exists an impregnable wall between the two classes of humans, the ruler and the ruled. Political paradigms like capitalism, communism, socialism, dictatorship and even democracy and crony-capitalism, have failed to bring them closer. For the first time, in this book, the paradigm of Revised Socialism is proposed as a solution for this impasse.

The book transcends the boundaries of traditional disciplines; politics, social sciences, economics, philosophy etc, using simple English to investigate

  1. The manner in which international power circles, domestic political equations, financial imperialism and economic policies moderate a country’s governance
  2. How best the controversial issues like population, reservations, poverty, discrimination, polarisation and corruption can be tackled
  3. The equation between the real consumption of natural resources and proclaimed progress to achieve sustainability of water and energy
  4. How the modern mindset that is impinged by religions, cultures, technology media and social media  simultaneously, can still be led towards professionalism

Buy from Amazon – A Wonderful World – Mike Rana – 2014 Vikas Publishers – Rs 150

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List of Chapters
  1.      The Challenges Ahead                                      1-10
  2.     The Big Picture of the World.                       10-23
  3.      Power and Money Syndrome.                     24-38
  4.      Wealth – of ‘Other’ Nations.                        39-53
  5.      What’s going on at Home.                           54-66
  6.      Sure – The Planet is changing..                   67-89
  7.      The Human Metamorphosis.                     90-111
  8.      Whirlpool of Political Ideologies            112-129
  9.      Practical Democracy.                                130-147
  10.     The Mystique of Economics.                    148-161
  11.      Governance – A Commitment                 162-182
  12.      Media – An Untapped Resource           183-200
  13.      Corruption – A Stubborn Challenge.   201-230
  14.      Religion – Demystified.                           231-255
  15.      Sustainability – Let us contemplate.    256-280
  16.      Appendices.                                               281-305


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