E-book better than a paper book ?

Haven’t we suffered from the burden of maintain our books and music for years, on the conventional platforms.

Thanks to YouTube we can now do away with our personal recording of music. The current trend is playing or even downloading music of our liking (from the millions of songs available on You Tube). We can share them with friends on Facebook or WhatsApp too. There is no need to be drowsed in the erstwhile withered Gramophone records, CDs, DVDs and Tapes.

The same applies to eBooks. Companies like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Flipkart are here to help us in getting rid of paper libraries (from millions of books on these platforms). But, for the time being, we have to pay a little for them (from 1 USD to about Rs 100). Constant downloads and promotions from these sites will probably change their business model. Even books will be available for free (I hope).

So, are you ready for the eBook revolution?

Get rid of your books, unless you want to adorn them on the bookshelves that no one really looks at. They provide a good sight as long as dust doesn’t cover their covers. Take a plunge and replace them with eBooks on your phones.

For a minute, for those who like the scent of old book pages, and the classical small fonts that publishers used for reducing the size of the books, and the fact that you want to feel them in your hands, I have no solution. But if you care for your eyes, the aging eyes, the inadequate ambient light and color, the solution offered is worthwhile and worth considering. Even handling of physically heavy books can be taken care by eBooks, while you toss around in your bed languishing for the evasive sleep.

Like I fool, for almost ten years, I recorded music on analogue and digital formats simultaneously, thinking I will lose the music fidelity if I record it on digital format. Analogue was considered better, even now the studios do it that way. But again, the studios too compromise on the digital sound processing equipment.

So, let’s talk about the eBooks revolution.

Let us look at an example:

I replaced DRACULA authored by Bram Stoker which was withered, whose pages had come out of the binding and they were beginning to get scattered. Its font size was about 9 or may be even smaller, the pages had lost whiteness to yellowish, and the print was faded to grayish black not the readable like the bright black. In effect, I never read it again.

When I replaced it by an eBook at Rs 50, the book came absolutely new into my hands, with variable font sizes, color and background color.

So, learn the following:

  1. The eBooks can be downloaded and they can lie on any hand-held device such as Android Phone, iPhone, Tablet, PC or even desktops. No need to buy the Kindle hardware, absolutely not.
  2. After downloading from the internet, you can synchronize it on the device. The internet can then be switched off. It is no longer required.
  3. The number of books that you can download, is limited only by the phone memory. In my case, it is 4GB + 132 GB on the Mi Max smartphone. The phone has 6 large inches of screen display, which is very comfortable to read.
  4. The number of books I hold on this phone today is more than 200, much more than my personal paper book library. So many more could be downloaded. And high-resolution photographs too. If you still run short of the 132 GB space, which is unthinkable, Google Photos and Google drive can augment these numbers. And you pay nothing extra for these.
  5. They give heavy discounts on school books.
  6. To read the books, all that you need is the download of the Kindle application on your phone, or on your computer or any other android device. And all these books will become available on just a click.
  7. You can group books by categories or subjects. Such as Classics, Literatures, Fiction, Travelogue, or anything you like. Like they do it in libraries. There is absolutely no limit to these categories.
  8. The most important aspect is the font. The book opens on your device with a font size and font style that you are comfortable with. The fonts don’t remain fixed as on a paper-book, almost uncomfortable for at least one individual coming to the library. It can be from very small to extremely large, something unimaginable like ‘one word’ on the whole screen.
  9. The background color that you select can be dark at night or any good color that you like in day time.
  10. The book opens with a page turn over indication. It imitates the book-turning as if you are physically turning the books of a paper book.
  11. The readability is excellent. If you are accustomed to read a book in reference ie looking at pages simultaneously, then eBook is the only option. You could jump from one page to another like we do it on HTML links, and then return to the original page.
  12. On a click on any word of the book from any page, you could open the Wikipedia or Oxford Dictionary. It comes up in a flash, in seconds. It enhances your knowledge amazingly. So, no need to go for a dictionary at hand when you read a text.
  13. You can highlight any word or a phrase in different colors and they remain available to you forever, thereafter. You could even edit those.

Millions of books you always wanted to read, become now available to you. You can fetch sleep not by pills but by reading your favorite book, available on just a click while you continue tossing around in bed. It is so very easy to carry the eBooks around, just your phone.

It’s the eBook and eMusic revolution. Be a part of it. All that you need is the willingness to experiment. And hardly any price.

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If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you probably know I’ve recently acquired a Kindle. I got the Kindle Paperwhite* from my parents as a gift since I couldn’t move all my books to Guildford. I wanted a Kindle because of the moving issue, and the space issue as my flat is small. Also, I use Netgalley and reading on my phone isn’t great. The screen was too small and I would get distracted by notifications.

Recently in particular, I’ve seen a lot of people state they hate eBooks. They refuse to buy them. ‘They’re not real books’ etc. Now this is a very narrow-minded way of thinking. Most physical books will also be in an eBook format. The author will have put in all the same work to write an eBook as they would have for a physical book. Just because it’s a different format doesn’t mean they’re less than physical books. So I thought I would write a post about the positives of both formats.


  • Books are often cheaper to purchase as an eBook, if not completely free. I regularly check free books on Amazon for my Kindle, even when I was using the app on my phone. I’ve seen some eBooks that are free or £1 and the paperback version is £10+ so if you want to read more for less money it’s a great option.
  • It’s easy to carry. My Kindle is smaller in height, width, depth and weight. Carrying a hardback around can be one thing too many in my overly cluttered handbag. My Kindle on the other hand is a lot more portable and fits nicely into my bag.
  • With my Kindle, I can read lying down. Have you ever had that struggle with a book where you want to lie on your side, but you can’t read one side of the book because it’s too difficult to manoeuvre? Well with a Kindle, the flat screen is perfect for when you’re lying down.
  • Not all e-readers have a backlight, but mine does. So if you get one with a backlight you can read in the dark. In my new place I don’t have a bedside table so if I read a paperback in bed, I have to get out of bed to turn off my light before I go to sleep. With my kindle I just press the button, close the cover and fall asleep.
  • It’s so convenient. I already have 100+ books on my Kindle. I could not have moved 100+ books to my new flat. The car was already full of all my other things that I cant strip down and digitalise.
  •  You don’t lose your place. My Kindle automatically bookmarks my place for me. No more scrambling for that scrap piece of paper. No more waking up and realising you’ve dropped the book off the side of the bed. This is even better for me as I never seem to have a bookmark but I want to read like 5 books at a time. My Kindle has my back at keeping me in the right place.


  • Personal preference is a clear option here. Loads of people I’ve seen on my Facebook book group dislike eBooks. I don’t get the full on ‘hate’ for eBooks, but I do understand the love for actual physical books.
  • E-readers do not have that new book smell. I love the smell of books. I also love the feel of a book. My leather kindle case doesn’t have anything over the feel of a well bound book. The turning of pages are almost meditative at times. I just love holding a real, physical book.
  • Getting away from technology is important to do. Sometimes you’ve got to stay away from screens for a while. If you’re working on a computer all day, you probably want to give your eyes a break from the light.
  • The price isn’t always cheaper for eBooks. A lot of the time it is, but if like me you get second hand books it might be cheaper to get a physical book. I’m always on the look out for the penny deals on Amazon. 1p plus £2.80 for shipping has been my lifeline since I started buying books. Charity shops are also a godsend for cheap physical books.
  • Having physical books on a shelf for you to read makes it a lot easier to pick what to read next. On my Kindle I have to flick through different pages on my home screen, whereas on my bookshelf I can browse quickly through the whole collection. I feel like I’m also going to forget which books I have on my Kindle more easily than physical books.
  • I feel like this point may be more personal to me. For digital copies of books, films, music etc. I feel like I don’t ‘own’ them. When I have a physical copy of a book, I own the book. I’ve spent my hard earned money on the book. I’m quite materialistic in this sense. If I was to count up all the books I own, I probably wouldn’t include my eBooks. Therefore if I read an eBook and loved it, I would go and buy a physical copy as well.

Are there any points that you agree with? Any that you don’t? Also, which format do you prefer to read your books on?

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