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eFingertip Book / Manuscript – Reviews

Different types of reviews carried out by the full reading of the manuscript, published book or e-book

Charges are based on

  • Number of pages or words
  • Urgency
  • Grade of the reviewer deployed

For the Manuscripts

Syntax review

  • Glance
  • Syntax error identification and marking (correction is to be done by the author)
  • Grammatical editing recommendations based on predefined forms and attributes

Standard Time : 2 weeks

Charges approx Rs 1000 for a 100 pages book

Semantic review

  • Recommendation on the total number of pages those are really required
  • Formatting the headings and sub-headings
  • Semantic correlation recommendations
  • Identifying timeline lacunae in the fiction stories
  • Time line adjustment proposals
  • Chapter reorganization proposals
  • Recommendation on indexing, footnotes, cross references and glossary

Standard Time : 4 weeks

Charges approx Rs 3000 for a 100 pages book, if syntax reviews already done

Synopsis Preparation – for submission

  • Recommendation on the overall size of the book, story or article
  • Drafting the Preface and or Foreword
  • What goes on the
    • Front cover
    • Back cover
  • Recommendation on the title and subtitle of the book
  • Recommendation on the Story log line
  • Recommendation on the author glimpse

Standard Time : one week

Charges approx Rs 1000 for a 100 pages book, if syntax and semantic review already done

For the published books and e-books

  • Beta Readership provided to favored authors
  • Accurate assessment not a biased one
  • Grading the review on the star rating from 1 to 5
  • Making suggestions and proposals for the future

Review Types

  • Single reader review in 2 weeks -Charges Rs 1000
  • Multiple reader review in 2 weeks –Charges Rs 1500
  • Review by Fingertip Editorial Team or EPAs in 2 weeks -Charges Rs 2000
  • Review by a known critics or named reviewer (Price depends on his or her quote)

Time line

Hastened reviews reduce the standard time by 25 percent and increase the cost by 50 percent

Bonus from the Reviews

  • Better chances of acceptance by the conventional publishers
  • Reviews will be published in Fingertip site and promoted to all its readers and members
  • Reviews will be published to selected groups on facebook and linkedin

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