3 Are you ready to go Over the Waves

Over the waves and across

The drive through the forests

“Do you like the forests” Li Batao questioned everyone simultaneously.

And who would not. Particularly in those northern hemisphere parts of the world. I hesitated a bit answering that question, thinking that he had already done enough kilometers that day. But Nataliya had no such inhibition. So, we pressed on.


After driving for about half an hour, we passed a township that looked like a painting from the road side. It was about 2 or 3 Kilometers away from the road, and we all appreciated it. Everyone made a comment. It was surrounded by water from a river of some kind and it had a backdrop of hills. Not far from this place we started seeing a scene change. The landscape transformed. Water canals or may be rivers, were crossed. Li Batao mentioned that we were now in the surroundings of forests.

The forests here did not rise enough for a forest in the northern hemisphere. These were shallow tree clusters surrounded by some sort of a lake or a river trained by a small damn. The road was neither a highway nor a boulevard but more like a freeway, high speed but low traffic. It did not have a road divider. It was so clean and the trees obliged it, by not throwing even one leaf on it.

A A toilet sign appeared by the roadside and Li Batao offered a visit to the powder room, he said,” It is a nice place”. Before they could refuse the offer I quickly grabbed the opportunity for photography. I had sensed it to be a great place for the photography and I was not disappointed.

I said “Why not. Let us”.

Li Batao took a sharp turn towards the right and brought the car to a well-constructed parking area. We almost jumped out of the car, and spread out in all directions. Our bewilderment ran wild as the spot progressively reveled its beauty. The naked nature had generously placed at the disposal of man a landscape to have a crack with his creativity. And people had not done a bad job of it.

The signboards read “Dalian Western Suburb” and the lake “Tang Li”.

The first attraction was the trees with pink, yellow and white flowers, literally drooling over the branches. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I do the same here.

Secondly, we found a small number of families engaged in routine Chinese activities popular in parks, that is cards, eating and tents pitched for the children. Like many foreign countries people bring their own chairs and tables to the park and take them back after use, leaving the place neat and tidy. The children were aged less than 6 or 7 years and mother helped them. Everything was going on in a disciplined manner.

Then we turned our attention to the port side of the road. This was a lake artificially constructed by the engineers, that had three large objects placed inside water, a giant wheel, a tower and a king of pier. They were placed against the back drop of a few mountains, not very large. A dam was visible at a distance. And on the banks we found a beautifully carved wooden resort, a pagoda like structure and a café. There was a spherical body, a large one, that was a collection of bushes and flowers, and it served as an object of photography.

There were many people around and good looking smart girls as well. We were all engaged in clicking photographs using camera and telephones, since no one wanted to be left behind without a personal photograph of this stunning location. I, being an inquisitive photographer, did not miss to click a structure which reminded me of the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, Rio De Janeiro.



Over the waves

We made a return from this heavenly Tang Li lake after about an hour. On the way we encountered villagers selling their fruits on the roads, a sight quite common in many places in India.

2016-04-22 Dalian Western Suburb-0602016-04-22 Dalian Western Suburb-059

        In the end I would call the day in China as “Over the Waves”, a nostalgic song for the accordion that I played in my youth. We were over the waves of the Yellow Sea first and then over them as the silent waves in Tang Li lake. I was told there were many locations in Dalian, where the sea met the beaches. The sea was violent sometime and the waves splattered when they dashed into the cemented promenade as in Xinghai square 800 meters bow shaped beach. And they were suddenly quiet in Tang Li.

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