7 Why vegetarians get a better deal in China

Many times I was offered the near vegetarian food that they thought was vegetarian   … They cherish the following foods …

Dalian Street food

Let us start with street food Chinese were crazy for

Moving on to the shops

 And to the decent eating joints

I was more than pleased to offer a ceremonial lunch to Li baton and Natalia in this restaurant

This corporate team was as drunk as I was and they sang for me “Awara Hoon” song of Raj Kapoor

This cafe became my favourite in spite no one understood English there. It had such superb eatables … I visited this almost twice a week.
This Cafe gave me a feeling I was in Paris

5 Star Luxury

The icing on the cake was a lunch hosted by My Friend Victoria at 46th Floor Hyatt Regency. It had a panoramic view anybody would be green with envy

Are you coming?

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