Honey Singh

2019-02 Honey Singh 2nd lot (2)2019-02 Honey Singh 2nd lot (3)2019-02 Honey Singh 2nd lot (4)2019-02 Honey Singh 2nd lot (5)2019-02 Honey Singh 2nd lot (6)2019-02 Honey Singh 2nd lot (7)2019-02 Honey Singh 2nd lot (8)2019-02 Honey Singh 2nd lot (9)The latest photos of Honey Singh, an air hostess based at Chennai, aspiring to be a print media model

2018-03-29 Honey Singh072018-03-29 Honey Singh082018-03-29 Honey Singh092018-03-29 Honey Singh142018-03-29 Honey Singh152018-03-29 Honey Singh182018-03-29 Honey Singh222018-03-29 Honey Singh272018-03-29 Honey Singh282018-03-29 Honey Singh292018-03-29 Honey Singh32

An upcoming model worthy of European considerations




38 thoughts on “Honey Singh

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    1. Lol. every Indian flight stewardess thinks she can get into movies just by showing boobs. No talent and face full of makeup. Time for reality check


  1. That trend is equally there coz these stewardess want to make quick money by any means. The first pic on this page is also example of the – boobs as bait used by this Honey Singh to attract traffic. Wonder there are no pic in lingerie.


      1. Semi-nudes of this model Honey Singh? I don’t see those photos. Can you post, that would be entrilling


  2. Lol..I googled. There are no semi nude photos of this honey singh. You are just fooling around. It seems her career is non existent. Hardly any material on internet. Honey Singh google shows a Male singer. This model seems to be a reluctant model.


      1. Checked now. These photos only. Nothing intersting. No nude, semi nude, topless, bikini or lingerie. No public Instagram account as well. Reluctanct model as she looks 30+ and hardly any interesting content. Female models these days start at 19-20


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