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Mike Rana Bio Data

Although systems integration and migration were practised by me in my employment with Amdocs – a telecom billing and customer care vendor (8 years), and software engineering with real time systems (Satellite and Radar oriented) of the Indian Air Force (29 Years), with amazing results and achievements, I realised that much more can be achieved if one could remove the glitches that creep in due to the systems not integrated well with the man-machine interfaces. Further, if multiple vendor systems are deployed this problem gets multiplied and a substantial amount of funds need to be spent with no visible end-user results. The situation is now further deteriorated with the implementation of cloud services and artificial intelligence oriented features. Handling these intricate requirements can only be done by an experienced systems person.

System requirements and business requirements have been distorted to unrecoverable dimensions. Any amount of product engineering or even project implementation remains a wild goose chase since these are veiled by the internal considerations of the vendors.

Most businesses and clients are using computerised systems from different vendors, and seamless integration is required to deliver the full user functionality of the applications. The user requirements of the business clients get warped by the vendor specifications and the delivery remains a subject of perpetual modifications and amendments, which the vendor is unwilling or incapable to implement because of his other product-oriented commitments or because of his architecture of the applications.

The end result is a wrongly engineered system, that comes at an unbelievably tremendous cost to the clients. There is a dire need to put things in place, which can be done by reducing by proactively drafting the user requirements. Being a one-stop person for all types of integration of the business requirements viz-a-viz the vendor specified view of the business and clients is what I should be doing. My exposure to multinational clients, in multiple countries, makes me an ideal choice for tasks such as consulting and management of projects, products, issues, and situations. (See experiences below).

Technical profile of Mike Rana

Mike Rana is an ex-IAF officer, a software engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay, an electrical engineer from Punjab Engineering College. and an aeronautical engineer from Air Force Technical College Bangalore. He is now a published author, blogger on mikerana.com, and plays on accordion.

He has a large presence on social networks LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, WordPress, Speaking Tree, and e-Zine. He is the creative founder of an online magazine ‘efingertip’ on WordPress.

His personal skills include the development of a number of Microsoft Access databases that serve as prototypes of large database systems (in Real estate, Project Implementation, and entertainment systems). His work domain is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Telecom Billing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, and their integration.

The crux of these designs includes data modelling related to

  • Online analytical transactions (OLAP) tables based on dimensional normalization
  • Online transactional processing (OLTP) updates based on 3NF entity-relationship diagrams
  • Deriving business intelligence after predictive analysis

He is ideally suited for consultancy and/or employment in the following areas

  • Para Integration of systems including seamless MMI integration
  • Pre-Sales and answering RFP (Request For Proposals) in Billing, CRM and ERP areas
  • Integration of Billing, CRM and ERP applications
  • Migration of extremely large online databases from one platform to another
  • Product and Project Management of large-scale software projects

The past

Mike Rana took premature retirement from the Indian Air Force as Group Captain, Commanding an Air Force Station in Delhi. In his career of Thirty-Nine golden years, he served twenty-nine in the Indian Air Force, and ten in the corporate, out of which seven years were in Amdocs Cyprus.

Mike Rana has received several awards from the Government of India, including a Vishisht Seva Medal (VSM) for work on projects on a large database and real time embedded systems. He also has the distinction of receiving multiple awards for his writings on information technology by the Computer Society of India.

So far, he has published four books on politics (Digital Democracy – 2021, 300 pages), (The Crowning Syndrome – 2022, 300 pages) (A Citizens’ Manifesto – 2011, 640 pages) and (A Wonderful World – 2014, 346 pages), one fiction novel (The Himalayan Swami – 2017, 276 pages).

Honours and Awards

No 3 BRD AF  Vishisht Seva MedalFirst-time introduction of computers and information systems in BRDRepublic Day 1985  
Air HQCommendation by Chief of Air StaffFirst-time introduction of Aircraft and Aero-engine Status Reporting system all over India (AIR STAR) on 3rd Gen mainframes using the snail mail systemIndependence Day 1980
AFTCSilver Plaque by President of IndiaBest pupil officer of AFTC for the four batches in the year 19671968