eFingertip – Compensations

Fingertip Book / Manuscript Reviews

Different types of reviews carried out by the full reading of the manuscript, published book or e-book

Charges are based on

  • Number of pages or words
  • Urgency
  • Grade of the reviewer deployed

For the Manuscripts

Syntax review

  • Glance
  • Syntax error identification and marking (correction is to be done by the author)
  • Grammatical editing recommendations based on predefined forms and attributes

Standard Time : 2 weeks

Charges approx Rs 1000 for a 100 pages book

Semantic review

  • Recommendation on the total number of pages those are really required
  • Formatting the headings and sub-headings
  • Semantic correlation recommendations
  • Identifying timeline lacunae in the fiction stories
  • Time line adjustment proposals
  • Chapter reorganization proposals
  • Recommendation on indexing, footnotes, cross references and glossary

Standard Time : 4 weeks

Charges approx Rs 3000 for a 100 pages book, if syntax reviews already done

Synopsis Preparation – for submission

  • Recommendation on the overall size of the book, story or article
  • Drafting the Preface and or Foreword
  • What goes on the
    • Front cover
    • Back cover
  • Recommendation on the title and subtitle of the book
  • Recommendation on the Story log line
  • Recommendation on the author glimpse

Standard Time : one week

Charges approx Rs 1000 for a 100 pages book, if syntax and semantic review already done

For the published books and e-books

  • Accurate assessment not a biased one
  • Grading the review on the star rating from 1 to 5
  • Making suggestions and proposals for the future

Review Types

  • Single reader review in 2 weeks -Charges Rs 1000
  • Multiple reader review in 2 weeks –Charges Rs 1500
  • Review by Fingertip Editorial Team or EPAs in 2 weeks -Charges Rs 2000
  • Review by a known critics or named reviewer

Time line

Hastened reviews reduce the standard time by 25 percent and increase the cost by 50 percent

Bonus from the Reviews

  • Better chances of acceptance by the conventional publishers
  • Reviews will be published in Fingertip site and promoted to all its readers and members
  • Reviews will be published to selected groups on facebook and linkedin

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