The No 1 mistake you are making for work-from-home

According to recruiters

Job prospects may seem bleak, but there are still a lot of good reasons to continue job searching right now, even before our new normal has shifted back to a simpler normal. In order to job search effectively, you may need to make a few adjustments to your approach.

  1. You’re coming off as desperate – Focus conversation on the job opportunity and leaving personal details out, same as you would ordinarily
  2. You’re going for quantity over quality – The only problem is that most businesses today continue to use applicant tracking systems to weed out candidates on autopilot. The result is that the human eye will never see your application if you send out a generic resume. Create an extensive master resume and include all the skills, certifications, work experiences you have. Then, just trim the fat and tailor it for every job. Go through the job posting and see what the company wants (i.e. look for keywords). Go back to your master resume and keep the things (e.g., skills, certifications) the job is looking for.
  3. You’re applying for multiple positions within the same company – Start with applying to one position. If you believe you aren’t being considered for that role — either because you’ve been eliminated following a round of interviews, or your application never received a response — then it’s safe to start expressing your interest in one of the other openings.
  4. You’re forgetting to make recruiters part of your job search network – In other words, you are ignoring recruiters. A good recruiter can help you get the job and negotiate the best salary.  Craft your social media presence in a way that attracts recruiters. LinkedIn is an obvious place to start, but you can also build profiles and stay active on more niche platforms where recruiters are looking for talent.
  5. You’re plain-out ignoring recruiters – Whatever the reason, don’t forget to respond to recruiters who’ve made a point of reaching out to you. Even if you’re somehow certain the recruiter won’t have anything of interest for you, respond and thank them for getting in touch. It’s the polite thing to do.
  6. You’re only looking for jobs in the usual places – Many companies do not advertise in a standard way but look for employees through word-of-mouth, recommendations, social media platforms or job boards specific to the industry. Others might be on a temporary standby but still building their candidate database.
  7. You’re thinking too long-term – Think about how you can channel those skills in different ways that you didn’t consider before, but that are still relevant to job openings at this time. Also, seek jobs where you can aid and add value to others. This is a great intention to set when looking for work-from-home.
  8. You’re expecting an immediate response to your application – Build in the expectation that timelines at most organizations are going to be extended, and when submitting an application, go ahead and add follow-up reminders to your calendar with that extended timeline in mind. Reaching back out after a week and a half is most likely safe.
  9. You’re plugging away at the job search without giving yourself space to process and rest. – Focus on setting small, achievable goals each day, lean on your community for support, act quickly, and be flexible with where your search takes you. Something like putting together a resume, updating a LinkedIn profile or even reaching out to your community can feel difficult to do.

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