Puneet Mehra – Obituary

13-July-2021 Gurugram

On such a somber occasion, they say father is always a father you can’t forget him, and husband is always a husband. They always remain in your heart even after they have gone away. But for Puneet Mehra, I can draw a parallel and say a friend is always a friend, though he might never be a blood relation. Puneet’s was even more than a friend.

His absence is a void that will torment us for all times to come, in all our musicals and in our socials. This void will be missed by all our group followers at least as long as our concerts will continue. They have also expressed their condolences separately to me.

Every meet he conducted as an emcee was a success with every inch covered by his deep knowledge and intensive study.

Be it the book launch of my book The Wonderful World, or the Black & White revival of our film music, or our home concerts, where RD Burman, Mirza Ghalib and many others were remembered, he opened a treasury of their life history. He excelled in everything that he took upon himself to do.

Yes, Puneet you will always be present in our concerts, as a silent admirer, don’t please find lacunae in our coverage please. Remember, you never said a NO to our requests, never whatsoever might have been your commitments. So, I take it, you will never refuse our invitation, and you will join. Leave your heavenly seat for the time being and return to mother Earth. This is where your belong.

Come on, Puneet why don’t you do it now. Conduct this prayer gathering yourself. What, are you just watching smilingly! 

And not many of us might know, he was an excellent guide, an enthusiast at that. He knew almost everything about Chandni Chowk (चांदनी चौक) area, the history of all buildings from Sheshgunj Gurudwara (गुरुद्वारा)  to बलि मारा स्ट्रीट where Ghalib was supposed to have lived.

And not to forget, he was generous. He covered every expense starting from the metro ticket to the rare but popular eats in Chandni Chowk, and he waited at the metro to receive me, as his client. This will not work Puneet, I remember I had cautioned him. Take your money.

Such was Puneet Mehra. He lives no more in this world but he lives in our hearts. His attitude, delivered to us with a smile ….

The centre of attraction Puneet Mehra : Black & White Compering, flanked by Suman Sikka of Kullu and Malti Sawhney of Silver Oaks Condominium Gurugram
Malti Sawhney, Mike Rana, and Puneet Mehra B&W rehearsals
Brochure conceived by Puneet Mehra and designed by Tanushree Rana, my daughter

Puneet Mehra with Prasoon Joshi & Jyotsna Rana at Jaipur Music Festival

Puneet Mehra introducing my book A Wonderful World, at EPI Centre Gurugram
Puneet Mehra at EPI Centre Gurugam, on independence day

Sharing a video, in ठेठ  Punjabi, once he wrote,

“It revived a lot of dormant memories of both, our life and lifestyle, gone by. Some stray thoughts also came to the mind, shared below with 2 dear friends who would,perhaps, understand and appreciate it better than me.

Lyricist Indeevar has so beautifully defined life….   

जीवन कहीं भी ठहरता नहीं है, ऑंधी से तूफाॅ से डरता नहीं है, तू न चलेगा तो चल देंगी राहें, मंजिल को तरसेंगी तेरी निगाहें, तुझको चलना होगा….

The same is true of Time too. When it moves, change is imminent. In the process, the radio gives way to TV,   spontaneous conversations to rehearsed, prepared chatroom conversations, the food which was so lovingly cooked, often spending hours in the kitchen, becomes an “Instant meal”!

More importantly, words like “loyalty”, “values”, “valuable”, are deprived of their supportive linkages and contexts in ethics and morality and become mere tools  of materialistic and transactional terminology. So, we lose something, gain something and, lifelong, try to figure out ..was it worthwhile? Have we got our dues? “

Puneet Mehra with MIke Rana
Near Balimaran Chandni Chowk : Mirza Ghalib’s street
Home Concert at Vipul Belmonte for the launch of the book, A Wonderful World, others are Sunita Mehra, his wife, Sangeeta Bedi a reputed anchor from Delhi
Puneet Mehra with Tulika Mehra daughter in a social gathering with Maulshree Rana my daughter
Puneet Mehra and Tulika Mehra his daughter
Puneet Mehra and Sunita Mehra wife at Tanushree Rana’s wedding
at DLF Club 5 Gurugram
Quad anniversary Party at Belmonte
Puneet & Sunita
Puneet Mehra’s last photo, taken a few days back, we can’t take more now,
Dear friend

He wrote this for our daughters wedding … Thank you Puneet …

परी तनुश्री और कुंवर प्रतीक प्यारे,
हमराह, हमसफर से बने हमराज़,हमदम।
राना-चतुर्वेदी परिवारों के ये दुलारे,
राजकुमारी-राजकुमार से हैं नहीं कम।

बीते कल जो पल थे गुजारे,
उनमे “मैं” ज्यादा, कम था “हम”।
पर हीरो-हिरोइन जो हैं हमारे,
खाये बैठे थे और ही कसम।

अपनी प्रेम किश्ती तभी लायेंगे किनारे,
जब हमनवां,हमनफस होयेंगे ऐ सनम।
अब मिलकर, आपसी भरोसे के सहारे,
सॅंवारेंगे घर, जिन्दगी,सजायेंगे ये जनम ।।

परमपिता आपको शांत,स्वस्थ,समपन्न जीवन का वरदान दे।

Puneet and mom

आपके हितैषी – मेहरा परिवार, गुड़गांव।


  1. I remember him fondly from our musical evenings conducted by Jyotsana mam. He was really a nice person with lot of knowledge about music and artists.

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  2. It is really very saddening to lose a great good friend.What happened to him? He looked so cheerful at the wedding of Tanushree Rana.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. While listening to fine details with which he used to explain things , i had always thought of paying him a visit some day and listen to his knowledge . But as per the famous poem..Bahut der ker detaa hoo main…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you. All of you please follow this blog too, others can then see you on the likes page

    Don’t miss the Tanu’s wedding message added recently, in the end of this post

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures. And what you have written about puneet is amazing.


  5. Uncle, thank you so much! This is one of the greatest tributes to Papa…and I am sure he is smiling on reading this…
    I also want to extend deep gratitude to everyone else who has posted and shared their kind words about him….
    Thank you🙏


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