eFingertip – Guidelines

Common for All Genres


All content is to be sent to the founder editor mikerana@gmail.com

On Genre

  • At the outsight, eFingertip emphasizes that the content is not judged in the confines of a genre. eFingertip prefers authors operating outside the box of genres and developing their own.
  • In case a copyright has been procured by the author for the work submitted here, the author must indemnify eFingertip against any claims in this respect.
  • The article is not a repeat ie sent anywhere else on internet before having it published on eFingertip. It can be sent to the others, 24 hours after seeing it published on Fingertip.
  • We use software to prevent plagiarism and stealth of intellectual property rights.


  • Photos and videos bring life to the content, especially thoseclicked by the author
  • Photos should be clear and non-offensive to anyone
  • Suggestive erotic photos are allowed but not porno. These should be minimized however; our readers are of elegant class.
  • Classic art work is promoted

Fingertip Stories and Articles

What is a eFingertip Story or Article

  • An original story / article, and not more than 500 words
  • Long articles should be split into multiple articles and submitted separately
  • The author must certify explicitly that the article is his original
  • A story relates to real situations
  • An article could be on experience, thoughts, opinions, hypothesis, suggestions etc
  • Poems are published very rarely
  • An article or story is readable, interesting from the readers’ point of view not from author’s personal viewpoint
  • Articles on religion, terrorism or pornography will not be published.
  • Article may be bold in content, but one with very strong criminal, anti social / religious feelings will not be published.
  • Fingertip encourages articles received from the villages or articles of a rural setting

What is an acceptable eFingertip Story or Article

  • It is written in English or Hindi but it is free from grammatical errors
  • It has a conversational style
  • It has a log line and a conclusion paragraph

It is recommended that every author builds a writing style that is unique to him or her and all his or her articles carry that personality. Authors should consider eFingertip as a platform for branding and for getting launched as published authors.

The author should be prepared to reply to the comments entered by the readers

Links on eFingertip

  • You can propose a link for articles published already by anyone to be carried on the magazine that you think are good enough for the standard of eFingertip
  • eFingertip authors can place links to their published books or e-books, on the eFingertip site, which may operate as an ad and help them in their book sales
  • Videos promoting your own work, performance, achievements, rewards etc are welcome
  • Published authors of books from other publishers can do the same, but they will be charged Rs 500 for the link presence for one month, payable in advance. These will be podcast once every week ie four times in a month
  • Ghost writers can advertise their work on eFingertip, on rental basis


  • No compensation is given unless you publish more than 10 articles
  • Authors publishing more than 10 articles will be graded as eFingertip Published Authors (FPA)
  • FPAs will be given monetary compensation and their profiles will bepublished on the magazine
  • For every set of 10 articles, monetary benefit will be increased
  • All articles and authors will be rated by the readers and colour of the profile of FPA will be adjusted based on this rating as golden, red, blue etc

Selected authors are taken on board as the authors or as moderators / editors. There is no compensation for this responsibility. Authors on board need not be FPAs.

Freelance editors should get enrolled on the eFingertip. They will be promoted here, but payments for their work, if any, will be taken care of by the authors they work for

Book Events

  • Periodically eFingertip hosts book reading sessions in Delhi NCR
  • Periodically eFingertip conducts formal book launches


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