My writing Blues

Writing blues

Right now, writing is hard and I have written some three hundred pages of my forthcoming book, Digital Democracy – The Way Ahead. The problem with me is uncontrolled or unsolicited diversion, I am diverted by anything that seems out of the ordinary, a book, a tv show, or a person or even a comment on my writings.

Just to give you an example, I saw the Netflix 2021 movie, “How to become a tyrant”, when I was writing the 290th page of my book. It shattered me to bits. I must now rewrite the book. The least I can do is to rearrange the book in parts, one a positive side of digital democracy and the other the negative side, that could lead anyone to be a dictator.

Another example, when a school editor told be to make a brand for all my books and write individual books as products of this brand. I received this input two days ago; I was so impressed that I went and placed an order for a domain name. And now I have domain on my name, “”.


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