The Crowning Syndrome

A d’yours book

A new world order

The Corona Syndrome defines a new world order

  • Did it start at Wuhan and will it end only there? Right now the virus engulfs all the people and all our organs. Indirectly it impacts the  businesses, politics and religions.
  • What are our priorities now; economy, food or population? Or terrorism and wars, and the weapons in their hands?
  • Should we not concentrate on Health Care for innocent and well-meaning people?
  • Or are we bent upon knocking at the door of a vaccine as we fail to escape the doors of death?

Mike Rana’s book tries answering these questions in simple words. It tells us how the new world order has changed and how should it hence be maintained.

Published by Notion press

The Corona Syndrome_ Cover_Final_6x9_158_Pages





  1. I’d like to express my deepest appreciation for your excellent literary work ..your this new book is fascinating n stimulating at the same time… you are a great asset to the society and an excellent resource for the music world as well… Congratulations…

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    • Thank you very much for appreciating my work. The book has become a medical reference but its OK, at least it tells people about corona and our immune system .. the most important is ICE2

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