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  1. Worth reading mike, really a spectacular incite for common citizen who is suffering here by the current prevailing system for no fault of his except that he is born here
    and has no alternative ready in his hand,keep it up

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  2. We have miles to go KG, but the next generation will not let us rest until we do something for them. They will stop respecting us as a generation.


  3. Dear Mr Rana

    We have already procured 6 acres of land at Dehradun near Airport.
    We have now got the CLU for our senior citizen home at Dehradun.
    We intend to provide senior citizen community living for 300 person.

    pl visit http://www.agewellcare.org

    Pl do have your concurrence for the cause of senior citizen, and your share you vision of age-care in India.

    For details pl call at 9810315110

    Prof R K Suri

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    1. Thank you professor,

      would like to know more about the plans and what is that you expect me to do. Purchase or help in setting up the facility. I have a lot of experience in construction and setting up hostels and messes etc. And I have lived abroad so i have some additional information s well.

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  4. It is an honor to have you in my folowers professor! I just had such a hard time writing a post on the birht of design and the roots of branding!! Funny thing is I know this is not the kind of article that attracts a lot of people but sometimes you just have to take a challenge!! Anyways I know some people might find it interesting as I did so it was worth it!!! TY for liking my Crime Scene post and for being a follower!! I am very honored!!! Have a wonderfull day and keep doing what you are doing!! You obviously have found your way to make this world a better one!! BTW if you want to swift through my blog for articles that aren’t on the header page, you can use the calender to go back and forth!!!! My best top posts and pages are listed on the header page!! I hope you find some more interesting stuff on here!!! If you like beautiful things, you will love the series of posts on Art Nouveau. Enjoy!! TY for all that you have done to help. You will be rewarded in a way you never expect! God bless you in its many mysterious ways!!! Peace Out!

    Humbly, Sincerly Yours, Tobe Damit from Loud Alien Noize

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    1. They charged me USD 500, but for changes they requires more money. I also have another site on Blogger for which they charged me another 500 USD


    1. Thanks for your post. I also think laptop computers have grown to be more and more popular currently, and now are often the only form of computer used in a household. The reason being at the same time that they are becoming more and more coffvetsecti-e, their processing power is growing to the point where they can be as strong as desktop computers through just a few years ago.


  5. Hi Mike,
    Hearty compliments on starting your web site, self – designed and self- created. It is comprehensive…the range of subjects covered is vast, caters to a wide spectrum of human interest and attention. The quality of the presentation is quite impressive..not surprising, though, coming from you and knowing your penchant for deep research and perfection.
    Good luck, always…will be visiting the website regularly for updates.


  6. Dear Sir ,
    I had a look of the website, my comments (read Remarks) are:
    · Please use following to introduce you

    o Veteran IAF officer, A Software IIT alumni, Electrical & Aeronautical Engineer, Now an Accordionist and Published Author at the place of “ex-IAF officer, SW engineer IIT-Bombay, and Electrical & Aeronautical engineer PEC Chandigarh, now a Published Author & Accordionist”

    · mikerana.com: A website with much relevant articles but….

    o looks much crowded although articles are arranged in a segmented manner

    o Ideally, the content should be clustered and arranged under separate blogs as per their relevant characteristics; not all articles on the same website

    · Let mikerana.com should be an introductory website talking about you and your work in summary Plus dedicated different blog-links

    o Each blog link should further reach to a new link showcasing all relevant blogs to that subject only
    best regards


  7. All clients/contacts to note the following three major changes in our sites mikerana.com / and facebook pages
    netflix.prime.review being replaced by Guru-Grammy
    Belmote-Residents being replaced by Guru-Grammy
    eFingertip being replaced by Guru-Grammy


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